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Read what our clients have to say about their experience with Astral Roots Acupuncture!

"Frank is a highly connected person, which is why he makes me feel safe as a female. He is an exceptional human being whom I trust whole-heartedly, and who I believe has shown great healing in his path. I believe those who have healed can heal, and he is a marker of such. Those who commit to such paths in the way he has should not be overlooked."

Chelsea J

“I met Frank at the Acupuncture Integrated Medicine Clinic in Berkeley, Ca. Frank treated me at the clinic once and at times twice a week. Suffering from chronic pain for years now and still trying to heal the muscle pain that came along with that type of pain. Wound up with trigger thumb in not one but both hands and was treated for that. He was always careful when treating me. He was very sensitive to my level of pain, and we went in depth as to the treatments and procedures I have had over the years. He really did help to relieve a great deal of my everyday pain and inflammation. By the time I got to the street after a treatment I would notice how I felt better; I always felt better after his treatments. I looked forward to the treatment, knowing whatever the issues were that week we would work towards me feeling much better.”

Kathryn F

“Frank has helped me manage a chronic condition that I thought I would have to live with forever. Their approach is gentle, yet effective, and he is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate.”

Mike S‏

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